Finding the Bald Spot Treatment

For many, talking about this topic can bequite be awkward. But as baldness is never a rare condition, no one (including you if you are suffering from such condition as well) should ever be ashamed of talking about it with others. The condition normally starts with a bald spot, and it had been a common topic of discussion, especially for men. When thinking of the best solution for baldness, you may need to consider finding the best bald spot treatment as well.

Common Causes of Baldness

Bald Spot Treatment

If you want to determine the possible solution or treatment for this condition, it is inevitable that you consider what can cause baldness, too. Common causes are as follows:


Research findings point to the most probable cause of blindness in men to what experts call as Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This enzyme restricts the hair follicles from reaching its full growth potential. As a result, the hair follicles become thinner with each growth, until it gets to its thinnest and shortest possible condition and finally dies out.

Medical treatments

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other similar medical treatments can also cause bald spots. Experiencing hair loss during these periods is usually temporary, however.


Exposure to potent and hazardous chemicals can result to hair loss. Those experiences baldness after a series of exposure to certain chemicals will need to see a medical specialist as the chemicals that your body may have been exposed to will need to be removed.


Several health conditions develop as a result of exposure to certain stressors. Baldness is one of these. Stress affects the levels of vitamins and mineral that are stored, and even those absorbed by the body.

Psychological conditions

Certain psychological conditions, such as Trichotillomania, can also cause hair loss. Although a condition such as this may affect only a small number of people, it can strike anyone at any age.It can also affect any hair follicle on the body.

Scalp infections

Other health condition, such as ringworm may result to bald spots if not treated immediately.


Another common cause of bald spots, even baldness is a burn. A severe burn can damage the inner layer of the skin and may also result in infection if not treated appropriately.

Finding the best bald spot treatments for men

After understanding the common causes of baldness, let’s now head on the possible solutions for this condition. In general, health conditions develop because of an unhealthy lifestyle. That means making sure that developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help alleviate the condition. Eating healthy, developing a good sleeping habit and keeping away from known common stressors will ensure that anyone will have great looking hair.

Natural Cure for Hair Loss

For those who would rather take alternative bald spot treatment for men, there are several options available in the market today. Actually, there are solutions that are available even in most household kitchens.

Vitamin B6, biotin, zinc and magnesium likewise play a significant role in maintaining a healthy hair, as well as in helping your hair to grow. The nutrition that these essential vitamins and minerals help support the health of your hair as well as your overall health. If you are looking for safe treatments for bald spots, this is one that you may consider. No need for surgery and no harsh chemicals to take. These natural cures may not be the best treatment for a bald spot, however. Especially for those who are looking to see new hair quickly.

Clinical Restorative Methods for Bald Spots

If you would rather see some hairs right away, these methods may be what you may need to consider, however.

Hair transplant. With this method, aa thin strip of skin containing hair grafts is removed from the back or sides of the head and transplanted to the bald area.

Tissue expansion. A donor skin that is the best match in terms of skin color, texture, sensation, as well as hair-bearing characteristics is required for this process. This is one of the methods used to treat alopecia. It allows the usual hair-bearing scalp to cover the bald spot.

Scalp reduction. This method requires the surgical removal of the natural loose skin on the scalp and have helped older people with wrinkles.

Cosmetic transformation. If all of those methods mentioned above does not seem to be what you may want to consider, you may always consider this method instead. Changing your hairstyle, the way you comb your hair will help improve the way you look.

If you are already seeing balding areas in your head, may be it is time that you think about finding the best bald spot treatment. Are you considering any of these treatments at the moment?