A long long time ago, fetus Sheri had combination-oily skin. She had this amazing power to transform into a walking plank of grease and wearing makeup would inevitably lead to a crumbling mess like the base of a cheesecake.
Then… she did the UNTHINKABLE.

She added oils into her skincare routine and now, her life has been irrevocably changed.
*dramatic music fades*

Okay sorry that was a weird intro. Basically, this is the post where I harp on about my life’s motto, ‘Embrace the Oils!’ and share some of my favourites.

Rosehip Plus Rosehip Oil
This was the gem that started it all. Rosehip oil has SAVED MY LIFE. Okay, maybe not, but it’s definitely saved my skin from the torment of acne scars and rough patches. If you take away anything from this post? It’s TRY ROSEHIP OIL. It might feel a bit oily as first (duh) but mixed with your moisturizer and it just keeps your skin super hydrated and regulates the amount of oil your skin normally produces. Plus, it has made a significant difference in my acne scars (check out my acne results here). My picks are the one from Trilogy and Rosehip Plus!

La Mav Vitamin C Brightening Serum*
So besides rosehip oil, what else is equally as awesome? VITAMIN C! Oh man, remember the days when our parents would make us eat those Vitamin C gummy bears? (I kinda hated those – don’t judge) This is probably my second choice in terms of oils – it’s quite light, not that oily and wears well under makeup! It’s done wonders for my skin as well.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil
This tends to make my face a tad oily (wow really Sheri? who would’ve thought) but it’s so worth it, because I can really see a difference in my skin’s texture. Plump, hydrated and never a dry patch in sight. I’d say that I still prefer rosehip oil due to it’s acne-scar fighting powers but the Seaberry one is still worth a try.

Philosophy ‘When Hope Is Not Enough’ Replenish Oil*
The name of this oil is a bit too deep and philosophical for my liking (geddit? Philosophy?) but yes. This oil has a scent that reminds me of lanolin so I was a bit wary at first, because my skin likes to run away from lanolin. I’m happy to say that it didn’t give my skin a reaction but I did notice a few bumps on my forehead when I used two drops. When reduced to one drop, it was much better and was a nice hydrating boost to my everyday moisturizer. Not my favourite, but not a fail.